Charity Lot 2018

Charity Lot - Bloodline Africa

Charity Lot 2017

All-inclusive 7-day Hunting Safari for 4 people

The Bloodline Group has generously donated a 7-day hunting package, for 2 hunters and 2 observers.

This package consists of full board luxury accommodation, hunting with a professional hunter plus vehicle, and skinning and field preparation of trophies.

A quality selection of impeccable species has been chosen for this all-inclusive package:

1 x Buffalo bull
1 x Sable bull
1 x Golden Wildebeest bull
1 x Black Impala ram
1 x Blue Wildebeest bull
1 x Impala ram

We invite you to bid on this incredible package. All proceeds go directly to our three featured charities.

Once you have registered a representative of Wildswinkel will contact you when the lot comes up for bidding.

Charity Lot - Bloodline Africa


Wildlife Ranching South Africa represents the interests of all wildlife ranchers and the entire wildlife industry at all levels.

They promote and enhance the economic viability and growth of the industry, as well as guide national and provincial regulation relating to wildlife ranching in partnership with government.

Charity Lot - Bloodline Africa


The Heritage Protection Group is a non-profit organization with a sole purpose to investigate, fight, and prevent serious violent crimes in South Africa.

HPG is also involved with the protection of our precious wildlife, which is continuously threatened by poachers and criminals.

Charity Lot - Bloodline Africa


The President Kruger Children’s Home shelters 63 children between the ages of 2 and 18 years.

The children seek refuge from homes where they have experienced personal trauma and misfortune. We provide food, shelter, and the emotional, medical, and academic support they require to make it in this life.