Situated along the banks of the Matlabas River in the beautiful Limpopo Valley, Crown Game Breeders is proud to bring you some of the best genetics available in South Africa.

Over the past few years we have searched for some of the best breeding stock in South Africa, and are proud to offer Sable, Buffalo, Golden Wildebeest, King Wildebeest, Golden Oryx, Roan, Outstanding Impala, Black Impala, White Impala, etc. Combined with scientifically formulated feeding, precise record keeping and extensive experience in game breeding, this will add significant value to your investment.


Crown Game Breeders consists of three farms – Jakhalsfontein, Elysium and Somerset Noord. Together they are a total of 6500 ha. We have been in the game breeding industry for over 21 years, but have specialized in rare game only in the last 10 years. Ben is an avid businessman, whose family farm was bought in 1985. Pieter was born on the farm where he lives, and has been game farming and hunting since 1994.

Pieter was initially using Ben’s farm as a hunting concession, but after some strategizing, they decided that it could be a great partnership to establish Crown Game Breeders and start intensive breeding projects. The game breeding projects flourished and the Crown Family are going from strength to strength. We farm with 11 rare and exotic game species intensively, and extensively with another 10 other game species.

We employ 15 people. We often send staff members who show potential and love what they do, on courses like a professional hunting course or on a cooking course. It is great to see them develop to their full potential. We also have students doing their final year with us. We have a hunting lodge which contributes towards economic growth and employment in the local community.

We are affiliated with Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA), Safari Club International (SCI) and Wildlife Ranchers South Africa (WRSA).


We don’t believe that the result of good breeding is only dependent on how the sire and dam looks. We believe in obtaining only from the best proven bloodlines. We look at how a certain bloodline performs with other bloodlines overall. Certain animals that are under average sometimes also breed better than others who are outstanding animals. You need to know your animals, and your animal recordkeeping should be up to date, so that you can make informed decisions.