Drinkpan Game is situated 35km west of Thabazimbi, in an area characterized by its sweet grazing and tough heartwater veld, which provides sublime game breeding conditions.

At Drinkpan we believe that our excellent natural grazing together with the application of prudent supplementation ensure our animals’ exceptional condition. We farm semi-intensively with all our species which contributes to their adaptability in any part of the country.

Our first Livingstone Eland was introduced on the farm during December 1999. Through many years of selective breeding, Drinkpan managed to breed top quality animals like the bull ‘Magiel’, which was sold to Thithombo Game Breeders. After this, several other species were introduced to the farm. Today, we specialize par excellence in the breeding of Roan, Livingstone Eland, Golden Oryx, Greater Kudu, Nyala, Black Impala and Saddleback Impala. Our game handling facilities are also of exceptional quality.


Drinkpan is a 1374 ha farm. We have been involved in game breeding since 2003. My family farmed with cattle and plains game for many years. As the dynamics of the farming activities changed, we slowly changed over from cattle farming to game farming. The decision to change was easy; because of the better returns that we realized were in game farming. We employ 6 full time staff. Our staff are all trained in their respective fields of duty and they get additional training every year to keep track with industry standards. We farm 14 species.

Apart from game breeding, we also offer hunting as well as eco-tourism. Drinkpan Wild is a member of WRSA as well as the SA-Hunters Association.


We believe in breeding animals that can adapt anywhere is South Africa and are commercially profitable to our buyers. We strive to put together a uniform and useful set of animals of predictable genetic potential to reach our long term goals. This applies to all our different herds and species at Drinkpan.