Ukujabula means ‘place of happiness’ in Zulu. This farm is located between Groblersdal and Marble Hall where the family has been breeding quality game since 2002.

Ukujabula has placed priority on diversification of their business and have been breeding East African Buffalos since 2002 and Zambian Sable Antelope since 2008.

The first eight breeding animals were bought from the herd of Dave Alexander who used the legendary Maningi as a breeding bull. Since then, the bloodlines of Masai and Bayeto have been established in the herd. Today, this herd is available with some of the best male and female animals available, a number of which are on offer at the 2018 Bloodline auction.


In June 2002, a lifelong dream came true for Nico van den Berg and his family. Ukujabula means ‘place of happiness’ in Zulu and this bushveld paradise between Groblersdal and Marble Hall has been a place happiness for the family ever since.


Their Zambian Sable Antelope herd, derived from the Thaba Tholo bloodlines, is especially known for extraordinary horn lengths and exceptional masks. During 2012, Ukujabula also extended their game farming with the purchase of Golden Wildebeest and Black Impala. Exceptional adult and young male as well as female animals are presented at the 2018 Bloodline auction as part of Ukujabula Game Breeders.